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China-EU Workshop on Green Aviation Research Held in Shanghai

China-EU Workshop on Green Aviation Research was held in Shanghai at Nov.8th, 2016.Attendees include Ms. Shi Jingmin,Deputy Counsellor of Department of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT),Dr. Laurent Bochereau,Minister Counselor, Head of Science, Technology and Environment Section, Delegation of the European Union to China and Mongolia, Mr. Taake Manning, Technology and Science Counsellor for Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China, Dr.Sun Xiasheng,Executive Vice President of Chinese Aeronautical Establishment(CAE) and Dr.Hua Jun,Chief Scientist of CAE.

Ms.Shi Jingmin expressed her gratitude to all participants and her expectation to strengthen and broaden the China-EU cooperation as it has played an

important role in the aviation development. Mr. Taake Manning said the cooperation provided strong impetus to technical research in EU, so EU countries

will continue to support this program. Then, Dr. Laurent Bochereau delivered a plenary presentation to introduce the working policy, arrangement and plans for the EU international technical cooperation. Dr. Sun Xiasheng outlined the past, on-going and future cooperation between China and EU in his plenary presentation.

39 delegates from Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and other EU countries, along with about 120 delegates from China attended the meeting.15 presentations were delivered in the plenary session.